It's a real world outside.

When Kendrick Lamar was recently named the second greatest rapper of all time, I didn't really pay much attention. Rankings like this have never really resonated with me because singing is not a competitive sport - there are no truly objective criteria for evaluating it, and everyone should just enjoy what they enjoy.
However, his album from last year, "Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers," had several songs that really moved me. As usual, although the stories he depicts in his lyrics are vastly different from my own personal experiences, I could still find resonance in the piano sounds and beats, just like the lyrics say: "I grieve different." Everyone grieves differently, but maybe we can come together in our grief. Yes, you can always find emotional release and new strength in his songs.
Speaking of this kind of spiritual power, I am reminded of the late NBA star Kobe Bryant. From some new friends we've made through our brand, I can clearly see how much the Mamba mentality has influenced young people.
Success is never achieved overnight; it requires day-to-day perseverance and effort. We should look forward to our goals and dreams, and leave behind all difficulties and ridicule. All the distractions will eventually fall away into peace.
Compared to comfortable confusion, I choose to feel the pain of chasing my dreams. This is also the original driving force behind our brand, which is as simple and ordinary as anyone else who strives for something.

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