About Our Pattern craftsmanship

We got some reviews on our Pattern craftsmanship, most of our customers are satisfied but some have questions. Let's talk about this:

The white and blue T-shirts are what we are selling now, the below black one is digital printed which is used by most brand in the market. If we look at them far away, there's no quite different, they both have bright colors and details.

Let's zoom in:

the digital printed  black madonna t-shirt, we can see inks sunk into cotton, beautiful though but not exquisite, especially when you stretch it. You will focus more on the material than the pattern, that's not what we want. 

Now compare to this one:

Obviously, the white madonna is more bright and smooth. if you compare two doves above and below, the below dove is lively!

But it doesn't mean digital printing or silkscreen is not good, patterns need to be re-designed and adjusted accordingly, besides use the right material t-shirt to make them match. 

We also print patterns on sleeves or some other small irregular places. With big HD pics guaranteed and extra handmade process, it actually cost more. 
Before we launch new products we have done wash test with washing machine, hand wash with brush. so no worry about washing it.

For more about us and our products, please feel free to send us message or leave comments.


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